About ENC Technologies

About Us

ENC Technologies, Inc. is a small locally owned & operated company that strives to make a big impact on our clients. We are a talented team of employees that work together to meet the needs of each individual customer. Our client base ranges from small home-based offices looking for basic troubleshooting, to county-wide education systems with complex networking needs and million dollar multi-state medical practices with industry specific software & hardware requirements. A sampling of some of the markets that we support is education, medical, legal, construction, accounting, as well as many other industries. Our team is able to work with your company both on-site and remotely. Through a secure remote management system, we are able to log in, view, troubleshoot, and often times correct most issues. This process saves your company both time and money. ENC offers both short and long term support focusing on your technological needs so you can concentrate on the bottom line. Let us know how we can help you improve your high tech efficiency. Contact us to get started today.

Michael Stevenson, Owner & Operator

Michael is the face of ENC Technologies; he is personally involved in all aspects of on and offsite client dealings. He brings 20 years of hands-on technical experience to each individual in need of his expertise. Through working for both small & large IT companies, as well as on-going continuing education training, Michael has learned the importance of pairing personalized service with specialized knowledge. Michael excels at effectively communicating with all clients regardless of their level of technical abilities.

Michael has a passion for helping others, living life to the fullest, and believes that you control your own happiness. After 15 years of commuting in Atlanta traffic, working 9 to 5, and being at the mercy of someone else’s direction, he made the decision to branch out on his own. Even though the hours are longer, the responsibility is greater, and he still has an occasional battle with Atlanta traffic, he has never looked back. Being able to enjoy a motorcycle or boat ride whenever he needs a quick fix, attend his daughter’s extra-curricular activities, and travel to his heart’s content, are all things that make it worthwhile. Michael is the epitome of Work Hard, Play Harder – and it shows in his success both professionally and personally!

Amber Cloy, Office Manager

Amber is the behind the scenes player that keeps the bills out going & the checks in-coming, the calendar up to date, and the company organized. If she doesn’t know the answer, chances are nobody else does either! Her background is in corporate HR; however, her focus now is raising her kids. She left the corporate workforce when her son was born. After a year at home, she agreed to help Michael by administratively guiding ENC through its initial start up phase...that was 7 years ago! Now her desk is a permanent and a greatly appreciated fixture within this successful and expanding company. Amber has worked alongside Michael in one capacity or another for nearly 20 years. His client interaction and her organization produce a seamless package of efficient results for all clients. While her schedule is part-time, it is a full-time job keeping track of the daily details.

Melissa Jorden, Support Specialist

Melissa picks up where Amber leaves off, and then some. Melissa & Amber work together to make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed in regards to our client’s needs - and Michael’s requests. She is also responsible for direct client interaction for some of ENC’s most established clients, as well as managing new areas of growth within the company. Her background in hospitality management provides excellent customer service and a ‘never say no’ attitude to all situations. This parallels the ENC philosophy at stopping at nothing to provide client satisfaction, and it was an easy decision to bring her on board as our company grew.

Joseph Bellingham, Technical Support

Joe provides both remote and on-site support for basic technical needs, deliveries, equipment pickups, and other miscellaneous duties. Michael is a firm believer in teaching. Michael is a patient, hands on mentor and Joe has worked under Michael’s tutelage since he was in high school; it has been an excellent opportunity to gain invaluable experience. As his traditional education continues, working with ENC allows him the chance for simultaneous real-life, hands-on learning as well.

Will Eilerman, Consultant

Will has worked side by side with Michael on several projects over the past 10 years. He brings a tremendous amount of specialized technical knowledge and experience that makes him a natural go-to when needed. In case of an emergency and if Michael is with another client, Will acts as a secondary point of contact. Like Superman, he has swept in and saved the day on more than one occasion! We are thankful that he is a part of the ENC team.

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